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Mentoring Plus Strategy

Mentoring Plus Strategy

The Town of Kentville is excited to collaborate with the Dalhousie College of Continuing Education in implementing the Mentoring Plus Strategy. Mentoring Plus aims to draw upon the skills and knowledge of retirees to help support young adults (16 - 35+) explore and connect to career paths through team mentoring and support.

Are you 55+ and interested in hearing more about this project? Are you an agency or organization providing education, employment training, or career development supports to members of our community? Connect with Mike Cameron, Mentoring Plus Coordinator with the Town of Kentville!

Coffee and Conversation


Wednesday, November 18th

10:00 am - 11:30 am

Join Mentoring Plus for Coffee and Conversation, an informal discussion with

interesting subject matter. Our topic for September is:

“The Impact of Internet”

Love it or hate it, we are living in a digital age.  Social media, instant

communication and connecting over video chat has become the norm in both

our personal and professional lives.  

Is this positive? Is it accessible for everyone? Have we lost anything along the way? 

Contribute a lot or talk a little. Whatever your comfort level, get involved!  

This session will take place over Zoom with others from Kentville to Truro.  Zoom has options to participate with video, audio only, or to dial in from your phone conference call style. For more information or to register, connect with Mike Cameron, Mentoring Plus Coordinator:


(BYOC – Bring Your Own Coffee 😊)