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By-Law Enforcement

By-Law Enforcement

By-laws are in place to protect the safety and quality of life of everyone who calls Kentville home. Kentville by-laws are enforced rigorously, because the wellness of our residents and the order of our town depend on it. In Kentville, there are by-laws in place for issues such as health and safety, parking, noise, curfews, and smoking, among others.

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By-law enforcement and administration are handled by the Kentville Police Service and the Department of Planning and Development. The By-Law Enforcement Officer is a Special Cst. with the Kentville Police Service and can be seen around Town helping people out and explaining some of the Towns regulations.  The Department of Planning handles property issues which may be dangerous or unsightly and have wonderful staff to talk to about a neighbourhood issue you might be having.

After-hours complaints regarding excessive noise, firearms, and curfews should be reported directly to the Kentville Police Service.  

All complaints or inquiries concerning animals should also be reported to Animal Control (Waterville SPCA).