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Some Parks and Trails re-opened in Kentville

Please be advised that as per directives received from the Province today, some restrictions on access to parks and trails in Kentville will be lifted.

As of 3:30PM, Friday May 1st 2020, the following Parks and Trails will be re-opening for public access:

  • Oakdene Park
  • Miners Marsh
  • Kentville Ravine Trail
  • The Gorge
  • Harvest Moon Trail
  • Kentville Skate Park
  • Basketball courts*

Please note that all grassed sports fields, including those in Memorial Park and Oakdene Park will remain closed as usual this time of year due to wet conditions, and playground equipment in all areas of town remains off limits as per Provincial directive.  Areas that remain off limits will be appropriately marked, please respect all posted signage and other indicators such as yellow tape or pylons.  Cutting through or across closed areas is not permitted and we ask that you please just avoid marked zones.  

It is wonderful news that these recreational areas will once again be open to the public.  We remind residents that social distancing and other heath protocols must still be strictly followed.  The activity in the areas listed above will be monitored over the weekend, and protocols may be adjusted or added as required.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to move through this challenging time together as a community.  Our efforts are paying off, we are flattening the curve, and the Town of Kentville thanks everyone who has been doing their part to get us closer to beating the virus! 

The press conference from the Province included more detail about other facilities and activities like beaches and fishing.  The press release can be found on the provincial website.  The full video of the conference can also be viewed online.  

*basketball courts may not all be open until Saturday May 2nd.  

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