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Webster Street Construction Update

An update about the work on Webster Street

Work on Webster Street at the intersection with Aberdeen is about two thirds complete! Over the next few days crews will begin pouring the new sidewalk from the new curbs up to the existing buildings, followed by the removal of the old asphalt to place new gravels and then smooth new pavement.

We are happy to report that when this work is complete (within the next 10 days or so) the old, narrow, uneven and cracked sidewalks will be gone. In their place will be wider, smoother and safer sidewalks for all! This work was made a priority by the town to improve the safety and accessibility of that intersection for pedestrians, including those with mobility, sight, or other related challenges or impairments.

As always we thank the public and our downtown business community for their continued patience as we do the necessary work to make Kentville safe, accessible and inclusive for all people.

Map of Detour


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