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Kentville Names List Committee

Kentville Names List Committee

In 2022, Kentville Town Council approved a policy that outlines a more balanced and fair way to name and rename streets, trails, parks and buildings (“municipal assets”) in the town. From now on, all new municipal assets will be named by choosing from a list of names which have been brought forward by the community.  This list of names will come from residents who want to see street names, parks, and buildings reflect the beautiful community that they live in. 

The Municipal Assets Naming and Renaming Policy will be governed by a committee of residents and elected officials, who will review the main list of names, and ensure they comply with the policy.  

We are looking for volunteers to meet 1-2 times per year on this committee, to review name suggestions and to review the main list of names.  Applicants should be residents of Kentville, and have interest in history, planning, local government, or community development.  Three residents will be selected for this committee and two elected officials will be appointed to this committee.

Please fill out an application and send it to  

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