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Colourful watercolour logo including images of a sun, eagle, narwal and violin.

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! We are all treaty people and we have a responsibility to learn about the history, the treaty relationship, and the rich culture of the Mi'kmaq in Nova Scotia. There are so many ways to learn about our Mi'kmaq friends today, and about Indigenous People across the country. Here are some ways to do this today!

We encourage you to check out the live Indigenous Day celebration online!

We encourage you to follow these Facebook pages to learn more about local issues and conversations that are going on in Nova Scotia:

  • Nova Scotia Native Women's Association
  • The Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Chiefs
  • Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative

Finally, we encourage you to take some time to watch (or read) a panel discussion with Indigenous knowledge keepers from across the country:

About the image:

Among the various visual elements illustrating Indigenous cultures, the sun (the summer solstice) is at the center which is at the heart of the festivities. The First Nations, Inuit and Métis as well as the four elements of nature (earth, water, fire and air) are represented in the image and shown opposite. The whole visual is supported by a multicolored smoke* reminding us of Indigenous spirituality but also the colors of the rainbow - symbol of inclusion and diversity of all First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities and their members.

  • The eagle to represent the First Nations peoples
  • The narwhal to represent the Inuit peoples
  • The violin to represent the Métis peoples
  • Smoke is used in different ways by all three Indigenous groups in Canada. Whether it is to smoke fish and meat, to burn sage and tobacco or for sacred ceremonies or celebrations, it is a significant symbol in Indigenous cultures.
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