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A family poses with Pumpkin People Displays

Kentville Pumpkin People Festival in Full Swing!

The Town of Kentville is reporting "Dino Discovery" as it's most popular Pumpkin People theme in a decade!  People have been flocking to the Town since early October when Pumpkin People arrived with many large guests in tow. 

T-Rex, Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus seem to be top faves so far, but Triceratops has been receiving a lot of love online too.  Many folks are out looking for the Pterodactyls and the Raptors, in order to compete in the Pumpkin People Scavenger Hunt, which is running now.  

For more information about the Scavenger hunt and other things to do in Kentville while you're here checking out the public art displays, visit the official event page.

a brontosaurus family made out of recycled materials sits on a sunny green hill on display for the pumpkin people festival


A dinosaur made out of recycled materials sits among some pumpkin people in a display at the east end of town


An image showing pumpkin people having fun next to a stegosaurus





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