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"Float-by" planned for the neighborhoods of Kentville this weekend

We know how sad you are that there is no Apple Blossom this weekend, so we are sending our float around to spread some cheer this Saturday!  We can’t hit all streets, but we have done our best to plan a route that covers all neighbourhoods and as many streets as possible.  A list of the streets we will “float by” will be published on Saturday morning as we head out, and some very important rules do apply!  Please read all of the information provided about this event below.  For more information or if you have questions please call 902-679-2549 or email    

  1. If you know the float is going to travel your street, stay in your yard, and in your bubble
  2. If the float is not visiting your street you may walk to see it from the sidewalk/roadway on another street in your own neighbourhood, keeping at least 6 feet away from others at all times.  
  3. If you are out in your own neighbourhood in order to spot the float, be sure to maintain the 6 foot social distance from others who are not in your bubble at all times. We will be watching! 
  4. Do not travel outside of your own neighbourhood for the purposes of seeing the float.      

  5. If you do not live in Kentville, please do not travel to Kentville specifically for this event

  6. The Kentville Police will be escorting the float and monitoring the activity along the route as we float by.  If we see people who are not complying with Provincial regulations or other rules of the “float-by” we will be forced to abandon the route and return home early.  (we don't want this to happen so please do the right things!)
  7. There is NO PARADE. 


That seems like a long DO NOT list.  Is it taking the fun out?  We have a list of DO's for you as well!  

DO wave and dance and cheer as Spike and Mayor Snow float by!

DO hang out with your bubble in your yard and eat hot dogs as you wait for us to float-by

DO take pictures and videos to post and share with us!

DO use the hashtag #wearekentville to tag your posts so everyone can see them

DO try to remember that we are all doing our best, and are in this together

DO feel good about knowing Apple Blossom will be back next year

DO know that the Town of Kentville cares about you, and hopes you have an awesome and safe weekend with your bubble people


Anderson Boulevard (full loop) 
Park St., East
Baden Powell Drive (full loop)
Park St. (headed East)
Acadia Dr.
Dalhousie Ave.,
MacDonald Park Road (to Alicia)
Alicia Blvd.,
Carmen Dr.,
Duncan Avenue
Park St., East
Palmeter Ave., (to Grant)
Grant St.
MacDonald’ Park Rd.,
Fielding Avenue
George St.,
Palmeter Avenue
Park St. (headed East)
Glenview Ave.
School St.,
Academy St.,
Prospect Avenue
Dear Haven Drive (full loop)
Minas St.
Nova St.,
Prospect Avenue
Main St. East
Chester Ave.,
Mill Run (full loop)
Chester Avenue
Main St., (headed East)
Crescent Ave.
Main St., (headed East)
Elm Ave.,
Wayne Street
Waldo St.,
Canaan Avenue (to Lacewood)
Lacewood Drive
Foster Street
Wayne Street
Southview Ave.
Main St., (headed east toward Burgher Hill)



Fox Hollow Dr.,
Apple Tree Lane
Mee road (to Mountain View)
Mountain View St.
James St.,
Oakdene Avenue (to Wade) 
Wade Street
Cornwallis (to Prince)
Prince Street
Oakdene Avenue (to exhibition)
Exhibition St. (to Young)
Young Avenue
Woodworth Road
Cornwallis Street
River St.,
Webster Street (to Main) 
Main Street (Headed east toward downtown)
Cornwallis Street (to Webster)
Webster St.,
Park Street (headed west to end point) 

End of ROUTE 2

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