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KENTVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA -   Due to rising concerns around the spread of COVID-19 in our community the Town of Kentville has taken a number of proactive steps to help assist with slowing the spread of the virus, including closing its facilities, parks, and trails until further notice.  Chief Administrative Officer Kelly Rice says the Town is following Provincial directives, and is also applying discretion based on Kentville’s community make-up, demographics, and specific needs.  “Some of the steps Kentville is taking have been as directed by the Provincial authorities, and some steps have been taken based on Kentville specific characteristics.  All the steps Kentville has taken are in alignment with the directive to encourage people to stay home and only go out when absolutely necessary.”  For example, provincial trails remain open but the Town’s trails are classified as parks and have been closed along with all the other recreation facilities in Kentville, including the Harvest Moon Trail.  Other municipal units in the Province have also taken this step, and Kentville is sticking to the current plan.  Mayor Sandra Snow says these are critical decisions and they are taken with the best interests of our entire population in mind. “The Town of Kentville has aligned current operations with the Provincial state of emergency, she says. These are challenging times, and we are calling on all citizens to do their part to slow the spread of the virus. Thank you for the support and community outreach you have demonstrated.  We are an amazing Town and we will get through this together!”

A current list of steps the Town has taken to date is included below; this list of actions may change as the situation continues to develop.  Please refer to the Town’s website for updated information as it is posted.

  • Town Hall is currently closed to the public.  Service delivery will not be interrupted, staff are still working and can serve via phone, email, website and Facebook.
  • All Recreation Facilities including the Arena and the Recreation Centre are closed until further notice, and all programs hosted in those facilities are cancelled.
  • The Kentville Skate Park and all playgrounds are closed.
  • All parks and trails are closed.
  • there is a burn ban in effect as per provincial directive (read more here)

Staff will continue to serve Kentville citizens through email, on the phone, through Facebook and via the various contact forms on the Kentville website.  See below for further information about how to reach us.  

  • To schedule an appointment with the planning department call (902) 679-2535.
  • To file an application for a new building / development permit call (902) 679-2535.
  • For emergency service such as a problem with Municipal Water or Wastewater contact (902) 670-3200.
  • Please call 902-679-2500 to reach staff for more details, or use our online contact submission form.
  • Please consider online payments, or use the dropbox at the back of Town Hall to deposit payments by cheque.  If you require further assistance, please contact the Finance Department (902) 679-2507.

The Town of Kentville recognizes that current conditions are putting financial strain on some in our community.  At the March 30th virtual meeting of Town Council motions were passed that aim to assist those experiencing hardship during this time of emergency.

  • All interest charges will be waived on all outstanding accounts from April 1st – June 30th 2020.  This applies to property taxes, water rates, and sanitary sewer rates
  • The due date for property tax bills has been extended to June 30th 2020

 These measures have been put into place in order to support those in our community who need it at this time.  The Town of Kentville is encouraging those who are able to make their payments to do so. 

In an effort to counter balance the opportunities for outdoor recreation that have been lost to COVID-19, the Recreation Department has created the following initiatives to support the community’s health and well-being during the pandemic.  More initiatives are in the planning phases and information will be posted on the Town’s website as details are confirmed. 

  • Kentville Community Art Exhibit – The community is encouraged to create a piece of artwork of choice to display on their property that can be viewed from the sidewalk or street.
  • Pop Up Challenges – Keep your eye on the town Facebook page to participate in different challenges while still maintaining social distance.
  • Fitness with Suzi Online – FREE live fitness classes with Suzi Fevens through a Facebook event page. Low Impact Fitness will be on Tuesdays from 10:30 am-11:30 am and Yoga will be offered on Fridays from 1:00 pm-2:00 pm.

The Town of Kentville is encouraging citizens to remain calm and make good common-sense decisions during the state of emergency in addition to following the Provincial directives.  This includes staying home, only going out when it is necessary to do so, not going out in groups, and checking in with your neighbors and friends. 

Editorial contact: Chief Administrative Officer, Kelly Rice
Phone: 902-679-2501

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