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Every 8 years in Nova Scotia Towns and Counties review their electoral boundaries and size of Council.  All municipalities in Nova Scotia do these reviews in the same year, and they all ask residents for feedback about the number of elected officials on their Council.

We are asking ask YOU what you think about the size of Kentville's Council. Is it just about the right size, should it be a bit bigger or should it be a bit smaller?  Currently we have a Mayor and 6 Councillors.  

The survey has closed, but you can still participate!

There will be a PUBLIC HEARING on November 17th at 10:30am at Town Hall (354 Main Street).  You must register to speak at this event- if you want to share your thoughts on the size of Council or the electoral district system (we have one), please sign up by November 11!

Email, send a letter to the Clerk of the Board, P.O. Box 1692 Unit "M" Halifax, B3J 3S3

How big should our council be?


Arguments for maintaining the status quo (6 Council members, plus the Mayor)

  • Workload is manageable (when divided amongst the Councillors and when allowing technology to assist)
  • Diversity of members provides different perspectives (i.e., age, background, gender, political experience)
  • Lowers the ratio of residents to council representation enhancing community connection to Council

Arguments for reducing council size (i.e., 4 Councillors and the Mayor)

  • Reduction in costs for remuneration and expenses (i.e., conferences and education, technologies, benefits, travel)
  • The cost savings per Councillor
  • Reduction of government (the "less" is "more" philosophy.)

Arguments for increasing council size (i.e., 8 Councillors and the Mayor)

  • Provide more diversity for better debate
  • Lessen individual workload, or allow members to play a more active role, or assume additional roles in projects relating to municipal governance.

A comparison of Councillors to population served, (by 2021 consensus figures), shows Kentville compared to towns of similar size and to neighbouring towns.

Current Size of Council
Population Served
Citizen / Councillor Ratio
Town of New Glasgow
Mayor + 6 Councillors
Town of Bridgewater
Mayor + 6 Councillors
Town of Yarmouth
Mayor + 6 Councillors
Town of Kentville
Mayor + 6 Councillors
Town of Antigonish
Mayor + 6 Councillors
4,656 (9,423 w. students)
776 (1,571 w. students)
Town of Stellarton
Mayor + 4 Councillors
Town of Wolfville
Mayor + 6 Councillors
5,057 (9,500 w. students)
843 (1,583 w. students)
Town of Amherst
Mayor + 6 Councillors
Town of Berwick
Mayor + 6 Councillors



More Details:

The last review in Kentville was completed in 2014 and was completed by staff in Town Hall. 

In 2014, the Town of Kentville applied to the UARB to maintain the number and boundaries of the polling districts because “it was not a financial nor a political priority to expand Kentville boundaries to include populated areas on its borders”.  Electoral Boundaries are the boundaries between voting districts - for example Kings County councillors each represent a district.  Kentville councillors are elected "at large" and don't have districts.

Description of electoral boundaries

In the 2014 review, the Town of Kentville suggested that the number of elected officials should remain the same for the following reasons:

  • The current number provides opportunities for diversity.
  • The current number provides sufficient attention to council-related committee work.
  • Additional project and committees can be added to current council workload as required.
  • The Town can afford the current number of council members (6+Mayor).

Public engagement is an important aspect of this review process and weighed heavily by the UARB in their review and approval.  At the 2014 review, the following methods were used to gather feedback from residents using an online survey:

  • Posters in Town Hall
  • Notices in the local newspapers
  • Notices on social media platforms
  • Information page on the town website
  • Notice in the Town newsletter
  • Reports to Council at several meetings of Council and Council Advisory Committee
  • Mention of the review on local radio discussions with staff


In 2014, the UARB found the Town’s public engagement for this review to be organized, thorough and well-advertised.  The survey collected 30 responses with the following results:

  • 63% supported keeping 6 Councillors
  • 34% supported removing 2 Councillors
  • 3% supported an increase by 2 Councillors

At their October 2014 meeting, Council voted to maintain the status quo of 6 elected official (plus Mayor).

To read the entire 2014 report, please click here!

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