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A white gazebo with blue awnings provides shade to three people at an accessible picnic table.  One man is in a wheelchair, and two women are listening and drinking coffee as he tells a story.

Downtown Sidewalk Replacement Project

As part of our continued work on the Active Transportation Plan roll out, sidewalk replacement work downtown is anticipated to start soon. The work will include removing the existing surface, fixing things up, repouring new concrete, and adding some bump outs.  In some areas, new tree grates will also be installed to allow for the continued greening of downtown.  The work will greatly improve accessibility as well as beautification, and we are looking forward to the finished results.

a map shows streets that will undergo sidewlak replacement downtown in kentville during the fall of 2023


Contractors will start on the section of sidewalk on Main Street in front of the Main Street Station building, then likely move on to Cornwallis, Webster, and Aberdeen.  Work will begin on or around the first week in September. This work is part of phase one, so only the sides of the street highlighted are being replaced this year.  The other sides are part of a future phase that will most likely be executed in 2024.  

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience to downtown residents, visitors, and business operators.  We will endeavor to get the work done as quickly as possible and anticipate it will take several weeks from start to finish.  We will also provide updates as we can.  We are working with the contractor on ways to mitigate the disruption, including scheduling some of the work for evening hours when businesses are more likely to be closed.  If you have a property downtown in the work area and have questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to the planning office 902-679-2549.  

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience throughout this very busy construction season in Kentville.  We are all looking forward to a safer, greener, and more accessible downtown.

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