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Downtown sidewalk

Sidewalk Etiquette During COVID-19

During physical distancing, please mind your sidewalk manners.  Here are some guidelines for sharing Kentville's sidewalks when you need to be out and about:

  • Walk single file on narrow or busy sidewalks.  If the sidewalk is narrow or if the sidewalk is busy at all, people need to walk single file.
  • Walk on the right side.  If everyone can agree to walk on the right side, we can avoid bumping into each other.
  • Walk on the edge of narrow sidewalks.  Stay near the edge to ensure that there is every possibility for you to keep a six-foot space between yourself and a passer.
  • Do not pass when someone is approaching from the opposite direction.  Wait for them to pass before you get in their lane.
  • Don't multitask.  While everyone is trying to keep six feet of distance in order, it's helpful to be focused on the sidewalk, not one's phone or other distractions.
  • Consider the less agile people.  If you are on the same path with an elderly person or someone who is less agile than you are, be the person who moves out of the way so that they can maintain their stride.
  • Shorten the leash when necessary.  When walking your dog, be mindful of the leash; if the leash is stretched across the sidewalk, it can make passing hard and may be a potential tripping hazard.
  • Keep the kids close, especially on narrow sidewalks shared with other pedestrians.
  • If you are running and may be passing a pedestrian quickly, you still need to stay six feet away, if possible.  
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