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Toilet and toilet paper with Sewer Update words

Regional Sewer Update

April 15, 2024

The Municipality of the County of Kings is closely monitoring the operations at the Regional Sewage Treatment Plant in New Minas this spring. Our focused commitment is on implementing effective measures to control odours and enhance plant performance. 
Recent Improvements and Future Plans:
Over the past year, we have made significant strides in enhancing our treatment plant. The installation of 800 new aerators in the primary processing lagoons marks a significant milestone. The new aerators, coupled with the removal of excess sludge from the lagoons, will improve how the plant operates. Now, we are moving forward with the next phase of our ongoing odour management improvements. This involves allowing the treatment lagoons to settle to enable the biological treatment process to begin smoothly, just as it does during our regular operations. Although temporary odours may occur during this transitional phase, reducing their severity, duration, and impact remains a top priority. The Municipality has proactively implemented re-circulation measures to effectively minimize these odours.
Moving Forward: Next Steps for Enhanced Operational Strategies:
Collaboration for Improvement: We are working with our Regional Partners and key industry stakeholders to create improved monitoring plans and develop actionable steps for assessing and managing the materials entering the Regional plant. 
Ongoing Monitoring and Adaptation: Regular monitoring of sludge buildup, refining our data collection methods, and enhancing proactive interventions are key strategies. We will continually adapt our monitoring techniques to ensure optimal plant performance and steadfast environmental stewardship.
The Regional Sewer System services most residences and businesses between Greenwich and Coldbrook and is funded under partnership agreements between the Municipality, Village of New Minas, Town of Kentville, and Pepsico.  Regional Partners have invested approximately $9 million in Treatment Plant  improvements (sludge removal contracts, the replacement of old aeration equipment and related yard infrastructure) since 2017. 

For more updates about the regional sewer treatment plant, please visit 

Here is a friendly reminder about what NOT to flush down the toilet or drain:

  • Wipes, sanitary products, paper towels 
  • Medications, chemicals, oils 
  • Dental floss, cotton balls, hair 
  • Grease, fats, plastics, non-biodegradable items

By avoiding these items, you are helping to prevent clogs, protect our pipes, and keep our environment clean!  Let's flush responsibly together!


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