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We want to hear from YOU, public forum

Join us for a Public Meeting!

Hey Kentville, we want to hear from YOU!

Join us at a public meeting on March 30 from 6-8pm at 325 Main Street, at the Main Street Station Ballroom. 

Do you have ideas to bring more public art to the Town?  Do you want to see more accessibility features?  Do you have ideas about improving bus stations?  Do you have a vision for Kentville being the best town in the province?  We want to hear from you at this meeting!

Please register to attend, as seating is limited.  Please email or call 902-679-2503.

Here is some more information about this event:

"Where is the closest parking?"

Yes!  The Main Street Station (formerly called the Cornwallis Inn) has parking next to the building accessed from Main Street.  It also has parking at the back of the building, accessed from Webster Street.  There is also parking across the street (Main Street) at the large Town Hall and Recreation Centre parking lot.  

"I have mobility issues, is this space accessible?"

Yes!  The building has parking on the main floor, and an elevator to the second floor where the event takes place.  The meeting room is very close to the elevator and to accessible washrooms.

"I am deaf, will there be sign language interpreters at the meeting?"

Yes!  We are proud to have two interpreters from ASL Interpreter Services attending the meeting to sign.  A video of the meeting will be available with closed captioning. 

"How will the meeting run?  I've never been to a public meeting!"

The room will be set up with seven members of Town Council seated at the front of the room.  The audience will be facing them in "theatre style seating" (everyone in rows, facing front).  There will be a sign in sheet as you enter- if you want to give a comment or share an idea, you can leave your name with staff.  During the meeting, when your name is called you will go to the front where the host (Max) at a table and he will have a microphone for you to share your comment. While you are speaking, Council will be taking notes on your ideas or comments, and the interpreter will be translating into American Sign Language.  We hope to be able to call on everyone who wants to speak- priority will be given to Kentville residents and landowners. 

"I don't feel comfortable standing up to speak, is there another way I can participate?"

Staff will also be handing out comment cards to guests.  If you prefer not to speak at the microphone, you can write your ideas and comments on a card (or cards) and give it to staff.  If there is time, these will be read at the meeting.  If there is not time, these will be given to council in a summary report.  

"What happens to our comments after the meeting?"

All comments will be recorded in a summary report to Council.  

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