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Kentville Pumpkin People Festival Poster advertises the dates for 2023 which are October seventh to october twenty ninth

Pumpkin People Swim into Kentville!

Visit Kentville in October to experience the magic of the Pumpkin People.  You never know what kind of silly antics you’ll see these gourd-headed guys getting up to!  

A pumpkin person wears scuba gear


The Pumpkin People really love exploring our world.  And this year, Pumpkin People are taking a deep dive into the ocean!  They'll explore and meet all kinds of creatures from "Under the Sea".  Turtles, Whales, Sharks and Seahorses are all here!  We're keeping some of our other sea creature friends a surprise, but you can see them all in Kentville until October 29th.

Visit the official Pumpkin People event page for more information and to check out all the fun activities you can participate in while visiting Kentville this month!

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