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An image of memorial park with a celebratory 100 years anniversary logo over top

Kentville Celebrates 100 years of Memorial Park!

Before 1921, believe it or not, there were no dedicated grounds in the town for athletic purposes. For a time games were played at Aldershot, but the need for grounds nearer the town was clear. The Town purchased the current property, and the work of clearing the land and fencing the grounds began! 

In 1922 a Park Commission was formed, and the continued development and expansion of Memorial Park has remained a top priority in Kentville for 100 years.

100 year Memorial Park Logo

Considered by many locals and recreation enthusiasts as "the crown jewel" of Kentville, Memorial Park has been home base for hundreds of sports teams and community organizations over the years.  The Park has has hosted thousands of fundraisers, big and small concerts, festivals, at least a dozen barn burner baseball games (we've all heard about the Senior Men's Baseball Nationals in '85) and a myriad of other exciting community brouhahas over the years.  You can read more about the development of Memorial Park from it's inception on our page here

Picture of the Memorial Park main ball diamond from 1985

We are celebrating Memorial Park this year and we hope you will join us!  Stay tuned for upcoming special event information and other fun facts about the park shared on our social media channels this season.  We'd also love to hear your own special stories and memories of Memorial Park! Please drop us a line and share your story, or post on social using the hashtag #MemParkMemories so we can connect with each other over our shared love of this very special Kentville place.

Happy 100 Years, Memorial Park.  




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