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People of Kentville

Has something memorable or meaningful ever happened to you in Kentville? Do you know someone cool, or unique, or smart, or funny, or amazing, that you think others should know too? 

We want to highlight the People of Kentville, doing what they do, in a new feature of the Kentville Connection E-News!  Send us a photo of you or someone else in Kentville with an accompanying story.  We'll get it into our monthly e-news publication, and share it on our Instagram! 

We want to hear about the wonderful people in our community doing great things big and small. We want to hear about the cool, weird, or funny things you've seen or experienced in k-town.  We want to get right down into the weeds and to really know the "People of Kentville".  

Did you rescue multiple cats out of a tree after a dance class downtown? Is your neighbour an awesome person who grows vegetables for the whole street? Is there a bunny rabbit in your subdivision who rides a skateboard?  We want to see it all! 

A few rules and guidelines apply.  See below and we look forward to your submissions!

  • Photo must have been taken in Kentville
  • Story should be 500 words or less
  • More than one photo may be submitted with each story, photos selected for our feature will be chosen by the e-news editor
  • Try and keep your submissions on the "feel good" side of the line.  We know not everything is sunshine and rainbows all the time, but our e-news has a vibe.  Silver linings + happy endings are our jam! Feel free to share your struggles and how you're overcoming them.  Let us cheer you on through challenges, and we really love to celebrate your accomplishments!  
  • No advertising.  
  • No announcements or general promotions (submit those separately and we will get them in where appropriate)
  • People depicted in submission photos must be currently living.  No "in memory of" submissions please.   
  • First names of people in photos must be included, providing last names is up to you and them.
  • You may choose to have your name as the submitter published or not published in the e-news itself, but anonymous submissions can not be accepted. 
  • Persons depicted in submission photos must have consented to the photo being taken, and must know about and consent to the photo being submitted to our publication.  Be real, folks.
  • The Town of Kentville reserves the right to reject any submission that fails to meet these guidelines as posted, or that violates the terms found in our Communications Plan.
  • Submissions that are clearly intended to be harmful, or that attack or belittle any person or group of persons protected under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act will be flagged by the selection committee and reported as appropriate.   

Submissions may be made by email to Please send photos as attachments, and ensure they are as high quality as you can manage. Stories may be attached in word or written directly into the body of your email.  Please write “PEOPLE OF KENTVILLE” (all caps) in the subject line of your email so we will be sure to file it correctly.  Include your name and the first names of the people in the photo.  Please indicate whether you'd like us to include "submitted by" in our feature.   

People of Kentville


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