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Trail closed due to extreme weather event

Town Park Closed Following Extreme Weather Event

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 25, 2022


KENTVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA – On February 18 and 19, heavy rainfall in Kentville caused erosion in the Kentville Ravine, closing the park until further notice.  Public safety is of utmost concern.  Town staff ask that the public not enter the park for any reason, from any point of entry.

Currently, the Town of Kentville and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada are working together to develop a reopening plan.

“This was a very significant movement of land,” stated Rachel Bedingfield, Director of Parks and Recreation for the Town of Kentville.  “We are deeply saddened that this extreme weather caused significant damage in a well-loved old growth wilderness area.” 

“The ecological impacts are potentially profound and need to be understood,” stated Tom Herman from the Friends of the Kentville Ravine.  “I have never witnessed such a dramatic and powerful example of climate change – extreme weather in this case – resulting in a degraded and permanently altered natural area.”

Footing is unstable throughout the ravine.  Although residents may feel compelled to enter the park, the public should not enter the Kentville Ravine before authorities have a full understanding of the damage.  Town Staff ask that the public be patient and let these organizations complete their assessment.

“Staff in town hall and members of the Friends of the Kentville Ravine understand that residents may feel a great sense of loss about the impact of this extreme weather on the park,” stated Ms. Bedingfield.  “We will keep the public updated as we work through determining next steps”.



For More Information:

Town contact:

Rachel Bedingfield, Director of Parks and Recreation, and Municipal Accessibility Coordinator  902-679-2541


Friends of the Kentville Ravine contact:

Tom Herman  902 670-3535



Kentville resides within the ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq people. We acknowledge that our work is located within unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq Territory.  we all have a responsibility and accountability to uphold in the process of Truth and Reconciliation.


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