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Kentville map showing new bridge street

Kentville Street Renamed Bridge Street

September 28, 2023

After three years of policy development and months of public engagement, on September 25, 2023, the Town of Kentville Town Council passed the motion to rename Cornwallis Street “Bridge Street”.  The Town of Kentville dedicated the past three years to creating a policy for naming and renaming municipal assets that respects history and honours reconciliation.

“The renaming of this street is a step in the right direction toward reconciliation,” stated Councillor Cathy Maxwell, Chair of the town’s Names List Committee.  This committee reviewed the process to change the name and ensured that sufficient public engagement occurred, especially with Indigenous communities.  “Staff worked hard to reach out to residents and neighbours about this name change, and we are happy with the resulting conversations around names, history and reconciliation,” she continued.

In June 2020, town council approved a motion to rename Cornwallis Street.  Later, Council voted to give the task of renaming the street to the newly-formed Kentville Inclusion and Access Advisory Committee (KIAAC).  It was recommended by the committee that a task team be established to explore the best way to rename Cornwallis Street and any other street names.  The Street Naming Task Team created a policy which was approved by Council on October 24, 2022.

“The Municipal Assets Naming and Renaming Policy will help guide the town toward names of streets, parks, buildings and other assets that reflect the strong and beautiful character of the town,” stated Mayor Sandra Snow.  “The policy spells out how all citizens will be engaged in the naming and renaming process from now on.”

In November and December 2022, after the approval of the Naming and Renaming process, letters were received from six people who live, work or play in Kentville requesting that the town change the name of Cornwallis Street.  Staff responded to each of the requests and asked if they had suggestions for names, and Bridge and Harmony were suggested.  Public engagement on this name change occurred from January to March 31, 2023 to get feedback on the two proposed names, and to get ideas for additional names for this and other assets.  Council passed the motion to rename Cornwallis Street to Bridge Street at the most recent meeting of Council.

Staff will proceed with internal processes around this name change including updates to the Provincial Civic Addressing File that is utilized by 911 and emergency services - among other agencies, notification to deed holders and businesses along Cornwallis Street, working with stakeholders like Canada Post to ensure a smooth transition, and coordinating new street signage. The public will be informed about these changes as soon as information becomes available.  Updated information will be posted on the town’s website and mailed to affected deed holders.


For more information, please contact Jennifer West, Deputy Clerk, 902-679-2503

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