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Community Dance Challenge

We are all in this together, join us for the Community Dance Challenge!

Spike (from Town of Kentville) and Mudley (from Town of Wolfville) challenge YOU to the Community Dance Challenge!

Step 1: Watch this video and learn the 20 second routine! The song is called “We’re All in This Together” and it is from Disney’s High School Musical. You can find the video here: The routine starts at 0:58 and ends at 1:18 – from there, it’s your turn to freestyle from 1:18 to 1:35!

Step Two: Film your video! Use your phone or a camera to record your video. Be sure to film yourself doing the routine AND freestyling. Make this video your own! You can do it sitting or standing, indoors or in your yard, alone or with others in your household. Be creative!

Step Three: Share and enter to win! Once you have created your video, share it on Facebook and use the hashtags #CommunityDanceChallenge and #MascotDanceChallenge Nominate five others to participate! If you don’t want to share your video on Facebook, you can send it to Anyone who participates will be entered in a draw to win a $25 gift card

NEXT UP: Spike and Mudley nominate Kingsley from Village of Kingston, NS, The Town Of Middleton BEE, RCMP Safety Bear in Municipality of Clare, Sandy the Raven in County of Annapolis, and anyone else who watches this video! Good luck, have fun, and don’t forget… we’re all in this together!

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