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Rates and Finances

Rates and Finances


2023-2024 Budgets, coming soon!

Every year, Kentville must balance the town’s operating budget (day-to-day services) - not go into debt.  All anticipated spending must be accounted for. This requirement is a requirement of the province, and the town cannot incur a deficit (spend more than they receive) to fund these operations. The town uses a variety of revenue sources to pay for the services that residential and corporate citizens depend on and use every day. The major revenue sources that are used to pay for day-to-day services include:

  • property tax
  • utility user fee (sewer and water charges)
  • other user fees (recreation passes/registrations/facility rentals)
  • permits and licensing fees (building permits, taxi licenses, tax information, etc.)

The town also has access to other forms of funding—which are generally used for capital projects—such as:

  • grants from provincial and federal governments and their agencies
  • proceeds from borrowing long-term
  • reserve funds (savings built up over time)

The documents in the sidebar show the budgets for the town's operations, capital, water and sewer services.

Property Taxes

Your property tax bill shows the tax rates for your property, as well as different levys that the town applies to your property. The video below shows you how to understand your property tax bill and these additional fees.

Financial Documents

13 Document