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Town Hall

Town Hall

Kentville is proud of the transparency with which town business is conducted. Any resident who wants to be up-to-date on town business can easily stay in touch. Whether you need by-law information, council meeting minutes, or want to chat with your councillor, you’ll find all Kentville business information right here.

Town hall building with cornwallis inn in background

Over a century of Kentville Town Hall history

1887:The offices for the Town Hall were leased for the rental of seventy-five dollars per year.

1896:The town conducted its business in the Chipman Building on Main Street, near the present Town Hall.

1946:The town purchased property from the Salvation Army for the purpose of constructing a new Town Hall and Fire Station.

1953:The town office took up quarters in the new Town Hall, moving from temporary offices at the Cornwallis Inn.

1989: The new Town Hall was joined to the old Maritime Tel & Tel building in a ten-month renovation project.

1990: The grand opening of the Town Hall was held, on September 28.