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The Kentville Police Service is made up of both Patrol and Auxiliary units, and partners with Criminal Intelligence Services Nova Scotia (CISNS) and Kings County Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit.


The Kentville Police Patrol unit consists of 16 officers who respond to approximately 3500 incidents each year. Teams use one of three marked vehicles to patrol the town 24 hours a day while responding to various types of calls, ranging from  foot patrol to emergency 911 calls.

Services of the patrol section teams include any of the following tasks and concerns.

  • Respond to general non-emergency calls
  • Respond To emergency 911 calls
  • Assist public
  • Foot patrols throughout the town
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Radar
  • Motor vehicle enforcement
  • Break, enter and theft
  • Domestic violence calls
  • Impaired driving and breathalyzer
  • Enforce the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
  • Enforce the Liquor Control Act

Auxiliary Police Force

The Kentville Police Service Auxiliary was formed in October 2000 to assist the regular members of the police service. The Auxiliary currently has five members who work on a volunteer basis patrolling with the regular members of the police service. The auxiliary officers are trained in some of the same courses as regular KPS members including police tactical training and use of force training. Members of the auxiliary are expected to maintain a minimum of 100 hours of service per year assisting the Kentville Police Service.

If you are interested in joining the Auxiliary Police Force please contact

Criminal Intelligence Services Nova Scotia (CISNS)

The Kentville Police Service is proud to partner with CISNS and the Province of Nova Scotia as host agency for two local criminal intelligence officers. These members, along with RCMP and KPS, provide intelligence services to law enforcement agencies in the Valley-Western Shore region of Nova Scotia. CISNS is a member of the national network of Criminal Intelligence bureaus.

Kings County Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit (SCEU)

Kentville Police Service participates in the Kings County Integrated SCEU team. One Kentville officer is funded by the Department of Justice Additional Officer program and is assigned to work with local RCMP officers. These officers deal with a variety of serious offences within Kings County, including Kentville.