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Naming and Renaming in Kentville

Naming and Renaming in Kentville

Naming Streets and Buildings in Kentville

In 2022, Kentville Town Council approved a policy that outlines a more balanced and fair way to name and rename streets, trails, parks and buildings (“municipal assets”) in the town. 

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Naming Municipal Assets

When a new subdivision is being planned, the developer always has a vision of the location and shape of streets, and where houses and buildings will be located.  Sometimes developers have ideas for street names as well.  For example, in the MacDougall Heights community streets are all named after universities.  In other cases developers don’t have strong feelings about street names and staff can make suggestions about street names.  From now on, all new municipal assets will be named by choosing from a list of names which have been brought forward by the community.  This list of names will come from residents who want to see street names reflect the beautiful community that they live in. 

Click here to learn how YOU can contribute ideas to the list of names for NEW streets, buildings, parks and trails.

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Renaming Municipal Assets

Sometimes streets are given names which later cause discomfort or offense.  Through this policy, residents can identify streets and other municipal assets whose names no longer reflect our community and can suggest more appropriate names.  Town staff now have a process to follow for receiving renaming applications from residents.  The renaming of a street like Cornwallis Street will be addressed using the framework in the Municipal Assets Naming and Renaming Policy. 

Click here to learn how you can make an application to rename a street or other municipal asset.

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