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The current mayor and council were elected during the October 2020 municipal election.  Three Councillors were re-elected for a second term, and three are new to local government.  Their fresh take on politics and the Town of Kentville has led to many unique ideas and exciting developments. To learn more about the background and experience of the mayor and each of your town councillors, take a look at their complete profiles.

A Message from Mayor Sandra Snow:

"We are the 2020 elected council for the Town of Kentville.  We are extremely proud and honoured to be your elected officials.  You have entrusted us with the governance of Kentville, we are here by your pleasure, the Town belongs to the citizens.  We are committed to abiding your trust and accepting fiduciary responsibility.  To the CAO, Kentville Town Staff and Kentville Police Services, we look forward to working with you over the next four years.  You will provide guidance, and operational information to our queries; you are the constant.  Your sage council and advice will allow us to accomplish everything we set forth. 

I ask you to keep us accountable, to lean in with us and be ready to adopt new ways of creating the environment we want to pledge to our children and the generations to come and to be ready to grow and prosper.  I continue to emphasize growth and prosperity; without economic prosperity and growth of our community we cannot achieve the social prosperity necessary to enrich the lives of all of our residents."