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Kentville Inclusion and Access Advisory Committee

Kentville Inclusion and Access Advisory Committee

“Almost 1 in 3 persons in Nova Scotia has a disability, and each of those persons has friends or caregivers with them when they travel.  This legislation will create a province where individual differences are celebrated and valued and where all persons can participate fully in their communities,” said Gerry Post provincial accessibility advocate and Inaugural President of the Accessibility Directorate of Nova Scotia.

Accessibility in Kentville and in Nova Scotia

Imagine a province where our individual differences are celebrated and valued.  A province where persons with disabilities are supported to participate fully in their communities. A place where we recognize that abilities vary, but our capacity to participate is not limited by barriers. A province that thrives because there is equitable opportunity for all Nova Scotians.

Kentville, and all municipalities, are helping to make the entire province of Nova Scotia accessible to everyone!  The province of Nova Scotia has set a goal to become accessible to everyone by the year 2030, and the Town of Kentville is working hard to help reach that goal!

Almost 20% Nova Scotians over the age of 15 identify as having a disability.

The provincial government is helping towns and counties become more accessible to everyone by preventing and removing barriers in these areas:

  • Built environment (for example buildings, streets, sidewalks and shared spaces);
  • Education (for example schools, colleges and universities);
  • Employment (supporting meaningful and equal access to employment for persons with disabilities);
  • Transportation (ex. buses, cycling, walking routes, and taxi services);
  • Information and communication (ex. websites, libraries, braille, large print and sign language services), and
  • Goods and services (how service providers interact with and are trained to serve persons with disabilities).

Almost 20% of Nova Scotians are adults over the age of 65 - the largest percentage of any province in Canada.

Kentville's Accessibility Committee

The Town of Kentville has an Accessibility Advisory Committee of residents, staff and elected officials.  This group meets to implement the accessibility plan for the Town.  The committee was formed in November 2021 and consists of 5 community members, 2 elected officials and 2 staff persons.  To reach out to the committee about your concerns or ideas around accessibility, please email today!

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