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Andrew Zebian

Andrew Zebian


Andrew Zebian lives in Kentville with his wife Mariam and their 4 children. They own and operate Phinneys Clothing store on Webster Street and also own Commercial/Residential rental properties in Town.

Andrew is very keen on helping the Business Community thrive and grow and making sure our Downtown is vibrant, clean and inviting. He encourages businesses to open in Kentville. His main priority is make sure the capital of Kentville is flourishing. As a family man, Andrew is interested in providing as much activity for our youth and senior population so they can enjoy active lifestyles. He hopes this will continue to attract families to move here and raise their families.

Andrew relies heavily on the input from the public as he feels Kentville is owned by the Citizens. He believes in transparency and openness and loves to engage the public. Input from the Public is required to move forward. Andrew is very financially responsible and will always spend tax revenue as if he’s spending from his own pocket.

Andrew’s motto is, “When We Work Together, We Gain Together”. He believes that Citizens must speak up and voice their concerns so we can achieve positive change.

Councillor Zebian sits on the following committee:

  • Joint Fire Services Committee

  • Audit Committee

  • Kentville Water Commission

  • Kentville Heritage Committee

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