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Cate Savage

Cate Savage

Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor Cate Savage is a long time Banker with over 25 years’ experience, specializing in commercial real estate.  Cate holds the position of Senior Relationship Manager – Commercial Markets  for Central and South West Nova Scotia at RBC.  Cate was transferred to the Annapolis Valley in 1994 with RBC and never looked back.  She moved from Halifax where she was born and raised.  Cate has resided in various parts of the Valley but moved to the town of Kentville in 2011.  It was clear to Cate that Kentville was “home”. Since moving to Kentville, Cate has looked for ways to improve what was an already gracious and appreciative community. When one starts with a “slate” such as that, it’s an easy and enjoyable task.

Deputy Mayor Savage loves the community spirit and the commitment the residents have to their town.   Cate feels that Kentville represents a great deal to the residents and surrounding communities.  Kentville offers recreation/business/activities/trails/amazing food.  “We really do offer it all in this town” she says.  “Kentville is, and can be, so many things to so many people regardless of age.. race or creed. Kentville is proud to be a welcoming and inclusive community. Kentville is, in Cate’s word, a "gem".   

Deputy Mayor Savage has served on many boards and committees.  Cate is a past President of the Kentville Business Community, Past President and Co-Founder of the Valley Women’s Business Network Association, Past Chair and current Director of Landmark East Association, and Past Chair and currently a Trustee of the Landmark East Foundation, and past director/trustee of the Valley Regional Hospital Foundation, a group who helped build the Hospice in Kentville. Cate is also proud to call herself a Rotarian and is the recipient of the Paul Harris Fellows Award.

It seemed a natural progression for Cate Savage to reoffer (2020) her name in efforts to effect more change.  Cate enjoys process and politics at the same time. Cate says, “we are all individuals and it’s a joy to hear all of the opinions of others while making important decisions that will affect the residents of this town”.

Councillor Savage sits on the following committees:

  • Audit Committee

  • Investment Advisory Committee

  • Kentville Business Community Board

  • Kings Regional Sewer

  • Kings Regional Emergency Management Organization

Expense Reports

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