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Sandra Snow

Sandra Snow

Office of the Mayor

Mayor Sandra Snow and her spouse, Richard, have lived in Kentville since September 1994. They moved here to raise their son in a small town, where the kids he started with in primary at KCA would be the same ones he graduated with at NKEC. She and Richard own the Grand Street Inn B&B, which Richard operates year round.

Sandra was a Master Warrant Officer the RCAF, from which she retired in 1999. She then worked for an engineering firm in Halifax until 2000, at which point her services were contracted to the RCAF at 14 Wing. She was employed by Maritime Proving and Evaluation Unit until 2015 as the Suitability Project Officer in support of the upgrades to the CP140 Aurora Aircraft. Sandra was appointed the Honorary Colonel of 415 Maritime Patrol and Force Development Squadron in Greenwood in May 2018, and in September 2014 Sandra was presented with the Elsie MacGill Northern Lights Award for her contribution to aerospace in Canada.

Sandra has always been committed to her community, serving as a volunteer with a number of local groups. She enjoys running and playing with her cat, JoJo.

Mayor Snow sits on or chairs the following committees:

  • Finance and Administration Committee
  • Investment (Perpetual Fund), Alternate
  • Water Commission
  • Regional Emergency Management Operation
  • Regional Enterprise Network

Expense Reports

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