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Paula Huntley

Paula Huntley


I have been a resident of Kentville for 17 years, I am a business owner, manager and employer.

My entrepreneurial experience has endowed me with a multifaceted skill set & the ability to think outside the box, to find workable ideas, sustainable methods and great successes.

My vision & mandate in corporate drive, confidence and the determination to serve and contribute to our community is on going.
Relationship building, businesses investing in our community and caring of people will help strengthen us as a team and help us answer the question...Why not Kentville?

I look forward to working for you.

Councillor Huntley sits on the following committees:

  • Kentville Water Commission
  • Kentville Source Water Protection Advisory Committee
  • Valley Regional Enterprise Network (REN)
  • Kings Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO)

Expense Reports

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